Honest. Responsible. Quality. Efficiency
  The Name of FUGA was from Bach classical music. The counterpoints are complicated and conscientious as human’s DNA structure – Double helix. It represents our faithful promise and sustainable service to our customers. Based on the professional team of FUGA, we provide services from concept to market to save our customer time, cost and to have license approval.
  Stemcyte Comp.’s pre-marketing approval and marketing counseling. 91-94
Tzu-Chi Medical Center’s clinical trial counseling 94- 95
Shin-Kong Memorial Hospital’s clinical trial counseling 94- 95
Thoratec & Heartmate’s pre-marketing approval and marketing counseling 93- 95
Institute of Biomedical Engineering , National Taiwan University’s ISO & GLP counseling 94.11
CD4 symposium of Hsin-chu Biomedical Science Park 94.12
Conference of “Tissue Engineering Product Regulation” in Tzu-Chi Medical Center 94.12
Medical Device’s Strategy Common View forum 94.12
Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s clinical trial counseling 95-today
“The Introduction of Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Regulation” lecture 95.01
“The application of US marketing approval for medical device” lecture 95.04
“ The Introduction of Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering Regulation in Application” lecture 95.04
“Relationship between Tissue bank & bio-bank” lecture 95.06
 “The limitation of Industrial Application” lecture 95.09
“The Regulation Policy of Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering of Taiwan Government” lecture 95.10
“FDA Regulation of Combination Product” lecture 95.10
 Conference of Development of New Innovative Medical Technology – Regulation & Reality 95.10
Conference of “NCCLS EP9-A2-Method Comparison and Bias Estimation Using Patient Samples” 96.04
Conference of “High risk Cardiovascular device regulation & case study” 96.11
Conference of “Trend and Regulation of Innovative Medical Products” 97.03