Research organization
Medicine center
University hospital
 National Defense Medical Center ‧ National Yang-Ming University
 National Taiwan University ‧ National Chung Hsing University
 Oriental Institute of Technology

.Research organization:
 Industrial Technology Research Institute ‧ Animal Technology Institute Taiwan
 Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center

.Medicine center & University hospital:
 Cheng Hsin Rehabilitation Medical Center ‧ National Taiwan University Hospital
 Taipei Veterans General Hospital ‧ Tri-service General Hospital
 Chang Cung Memorial Hospital ‧ China Medical University Hospital
 Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital ‧ Taipei City Hospital

.C.K. Foundation:
 New Century Medical Treatment Research and Development Foundation
 Taipei Biotechnology Service and Business Trade Association
 Firstep Bioresearch Inc.
 DailyCare Biomedical Inc.
 Biologics Consulting Group U.S.A.
 Professors of the department of law in NTU, NCCU, SCU
 Hsin Wei international law office