Preclinical study services | GLP、 GTP、GMP consulting
Clinical trial design & management | Medical devices 
Quality system | Regenerative medicine(tissue engineering)
Health insurance provided consulting| Cell therapy and gene therapy 
Medical regulation consulting| Health food 
Diagnosis of bio-enterprise| Cosmeceutical
I. Clinical evaluation
II. Clinical Trial Design and Management
III. Post market surveillance:
     -  Legal Assessment
     -  Technical Assessment
     -  Market Assessment
     -  Core competency Assessment
IV. R & D of Pharmaceuticals
V. Laboratory Design and Certification Service
    1.TAF lab
VI.  Intellectual Property and Patent Applications
VII. Educational and Professional Training Programs
VIII. Quality Control and Assurance
IX. Post-Market Surveillance of Medical Devices
X. Overall Marketing Services
XI. Procurement of Market Approvals through FDA、CE、TFDA、Japan etc.
XII. Consulting Services including Regulatory Affairs and Legal Affairs on Malpractice

I. Medical Devices – “from Concept to Market”
   1. Class I & II
   2. Class III
   3. Class of Tissue Engineering Products
   4. Combination Products of Drugs, Devices & Biologics
II. Cell Therapy
III. New Drug development
IV. Vaccines
V. Health Foods& medicalfood
VI. Cosmetics

Clinical trial plan and design
Clinical trial protocol and study design planning
Selection of medical institutions and investigators
Making of written informed consent form and manual 
 for filling in CRF
Clinical trial protocol writing and application

Included and excluded criteria
Safety and endpoint assessment
New drugs clinical trial application
Medical device clinical trial application
Clinical trial monitoring

GCP compliance
Clinical study reports
Adverse reaction report (ADR、AE、SAE)
Clinical process auditing and monitoring
Clinical trial data management
Clinical trial protocol assessment