FUGA biotechnology company has a major team including law, medicine, immunization, management, finance, and marketing
  Ex-GM, General Biologicals Corp
Ex-VP, Stem Cyte Co., Ltd.
Ex-Consultant of Biotech Improving Council of Department of Education
Ex-Chief Reviewer of Technological Project of Ministry of Economic Affairs
Ex-engineer, Industrial Technology Research Institute
Ex-director, Cheng Hsin Rehabilitation Medical Center
Ex-reviewer, Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) - Taiwan
Ex-chief of Ophthalmology , China Medical University Hospital
Ex-chief of E.N.T., Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Ex-staff, Department of Health - Taiwan
Ex-staff, Bureau of National Health Insurance
Professor, National Taiwan University
Chief Advisor of Taipei City Hospital
Medical Dr., Harvard University
Ex-Chief, The Supreme Court of the Republic of China